Sharon Wehrle- Sales Associate/Agent


Sharon has lived in Fauquier County her entire life and is considered a life-long Warrentonian.  She has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1995.  She began working for a Commercial Mortgage Servicer who serviced properties throughout the United States and abroad. In 2002 she changed her focus to the Real Estate Title/Closing side and handled Real Estate Transactions from beginning to end assisting Real Estate Agents and their clients on the Sale/Purchase of their homes.  In 2007 she obtained her Real Estate license while working as an Administrative Assistant and learned all the ins and outs of Real Estate from no other than the BEST, Lesley Salman.

Sharon is a not only a License Real Estate Agent and was previously a Licensed Title Underwriter which allows her to explain to all her clients the process of what is involved when it comes to getting the Ratified Contract to Closing.

Sharon also is a Licensed Onsite Sewage System Operator and Installer, which means that when considering properties that are on Septic as opposed to Sewer, she can explain all the things to look for and inspect so that her clients are aware of not only how a Septic System works but also the components of the system and what should be looked for during and inspection and the process of keeping the system working for years to come.